Welcome to the Site

This site is influenced from my long and varied background in photography… from selling Nikon Fs in the ‘60’s; working in Polaroid’s R&D analytical labs with experimental emulsions and optical sensitizing dyes; my 1st introduction to teaching as a Nikon School instructor in the 70’s and the following 30+ years on the painfully wonderful edge of technology.

Through these diverse travels, if I can distill my experiences into a crystallizing thought, it would be:
                “No information is better than misinformation.”

–  Knowledge is out there -people will learn it with or without us… we can either expedite or impede the process.
–  I am also an empirical kind of person, I know and understand a lot – but if I haven’t tried it… I won’t talk about it as if I did!
    …it is with those two tenets that I put information on this site.

If you have thoughts, questions or comments – they are always welcomed. Bob

Experimental Silver Halide Emulsion Strawman, Cuba 2002 Optical Sensitizing Dyes used to extend inherent blue sensitivity of silver hailde grains. Bayer Mask sRGC and CMYK color spaces within Lab color space Sold many "Nikon F Photomic Ftn " in 1968 5-segment pano from The Loft Olympus Digital School of Photography 1999 - Color Managemnt screen