Bob provide personal and group Training in all areas of the Digital Image Workflow…  [Testimonials]
    o discounted hourly rate for recent workshop attendees

    o many white-papers, documents and downloads to extend training experience

Hourly Training:   [ My Loft; Your Location …or On-line! ]
The Lightroom Workflow… specializing in all phases
Photoshop …all aspects of photo image processing and touch-up
Optimize Your Digital Photo Processing using non-destruction editing… the new paradigm
   – Personal on-line prepaid assistance

Training Packages:
   – Optimizing the Lightroom Workflow
[3 – 4 hrs]
      …from file organization to Creative: “Best Practices”
  – Managing Your Lightroom Photo Filing System: [2 – 3 hrs]
       …Organize Folders & Files; set LR Prefs; Optimized LR System files
  – Backing-up Your Digital Photos [4 – 6 hrs]
       …easy 1-button smart backup of your photo files
  – The Photographic Digital Photo Workflow  [10 hrs]
      …from camera to photo concepts to image processing software