About Bob DiNatale

Bob DiNatale has worked as a photographer, author, teacher and inventor for over 40 years, and currently conducts workshops, lectures and private instruction in many areas of digital photography. His work at Polaroid R&D in silver emulsions along with his US patent in color printing gave Bob a broad base of expertise in film photography. He presented his first digital media production in 1984, founded the Olympus School of Digital Photography in 1998 and has been an instructor at: Nikon School of Photography; Time-Life School of Photography; Boston University; and University of Massachusetts.

Bob’s certifications include: Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop Lightroom; and X-Rite Coloratti. He has lectured for Adobe, the BioCommunications Association and the Photographic Society of Madras, India – among many other conventions and programs.

His first book, The Optimum Digital Exposure, explains how to determine and capture the optimum digital exposure. His 2019 book, Processing the Digital Image, provides unique insight and instruction about the four phases of digital image processing.

> Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop Lightroom | X-Rite Coloratti

> Assisted Tom & Ruth Knoll introducing Lightroom at Photoshop World/Boston 2007

> Founder of the Olympus School of Digital Photography

> US Patent in Color Printing [Pat.# 4,087,180]

> Polaroid. – R&D: Optical Sensitizing Dyes and Silver Emulsions



    • Nikon School of Photography
    • Time Life School of Photography
    • Multimedia Production – Boston University [School of Educational Media]
    • Intro to Multimedia Design – Univ. of Mass. [Graduate Program in Educational Technology]

    Multi-Media Programming Design

    • Louisiana Exposition
    • South Street Venture, NY
    • Tsukuba Japan Worlds Fair

    Louisiana Exposition