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Anatomy of an Image & The PhotoCycleTM
3rd Wednesdays of the Month
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Anatomy of an Image

In this series, Bob will use the 4-Phases workflow to process YOUR image from Camera Capture to Artistic Expression.
Before processing the image, we will discuss… 
“the Photography” – the camera settings at the Moment of Capture.

Topics – November 16th
It’s All About Processing!
> “Which Software Is The Best”
> Masking
> Sharpen & Noise Reduction
> Using 3rd Party Plugins

Topics – OCTOBER 19th
> Our Questions & Findings
> Semi-Global and Selective “Friendly Pairs”
> Lightroom 12’s New Masking-Wow!
> A Masking Workflow
> To Sharpen / Denoise or Both…and How

Topics – SEPTEMBER 21st
> Our Questions & Findings
> An Optimum Digital Workflow
> Lightroom’s Mask Advancements
> Non-Destructive Workflow – LR & PS
> To Sharpen / Denoise or Both…and How

Real-Time Processing with Open Microphones

These Anatomy of an Image forums will advance both your shooting techniques and improve your digital image processing.
Real-time processing of your images with open mics provide a unique learning experience.

YOUR Photos

“From camera capture to expressive processing”of YOUR photos!
Send your photos, along with a few words describing your photographic intent, then watch as Bob assists you to achieve your Artist’s Vision.
…After registering, you’ll have an opportunity to send you images

The “Ever Evolving” Forum

“Expanding our horizons” with current digital photography trends…
“Exploring” processing software and efficient processing workflow!
“Sharing” photographs and ideas in a friendly Forum discussions
…So come on the “Bob Train” and explore new horizons

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Questions & Comments


  1. Dennis A Holt

    I found the forum very effective and look forward to next weeks session. I do have many questions but didn’t feel that the group was best venue. Perhaps a private session would be better. Let’s discuss!

  2. Suzi Teegarden

    I always learn something from these Anatomy of a Photo forums. Some of the learning is about photo editing techniques, but the most important lessons are in how to see. It’s affects how I see the scene I’m photographing and expands how I see the photos I process.

    • Bob DiNatale


      Your right, it’s all about seeing. To be unencumbered, to see what is in front us… and to feel what we see. If this happens prior to tripping the camera’s shutter or peeling away distractions in post processing, to reveal what we felt when standing behind the camera… ah! If these forums help you see more… I am pleased. Thanks for sharing.