Send your photos for processing
at the next “Anatomy of an Image”

It is important that we see YOUR final processing before working on your file(s).
To do this you need to send 1 or 2 files, depending how you processed your raw file.

Send 1 file: If you just processed your raw file(s) in Lightroom:
  > Send your final-processed Lightroom raw file as a DNG file to the desktop
.                                                                                                                                    (see video)

Send 2 files: If you processed your raw file in Lightroom, then opened it in Photoshop for more processing: you’ll also need to send the Photoshop TIF or PSD file:
> In LR, select the associated Photoshop file then “right-mouse click” and select “Show in Explorer/Finder”
(I suggest you copy this Photoshop file to the desktop to make it easier to find and send.)

Uploading Files to Forum:
Click the  “Send Files via the AOI Dropbox” button below:
> choose your files, enter your info, then click the “Upload” button