Forum Breakout

Tuesday, February 9th

You will receive a Zoom link
1-hour prior to class

A discussion on
Photographic Composition”

Last Month Matt Kloskowski posted a free 1-hour video on Photographic Composition titled:
Top Composition Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)“.
  [View Video]

The title seemed controlling to me but I found it very stimulating with lots of thoughts ponder.

It been my belief that, after a few basic concepts, it is hard to “teach” composition. I think composition is more to be discussed in a “salon setting” with the hope to raise one’s awareness of compositional elements: line; texture; color, negative space, etc. then, just “be more mindful when photographing to hopefully feel and express”.

How This “Breakout” Session Will Work… Prior to the session:
> Watch Matt’s video 
> Write a few personal highlights for discussion, then
> Submit One Photo for viewing and sharing your compositional thoughts
.        *Click the “Send Photo” button to send your “Hi-Res JPG” file up to 1hr prior to the breakout.
…During the “Breakout”, I will moderate the group discussion and present your photos.


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