Forum Breakout

Tuesday, February 9th

You will receive a Zoom link
1-hour prior to class

A discussion on
Photographic Composition”

Last Month Matt Kloskowski posted a free 1-hour video on Photographic Composition titled:
Top Composition Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)“.
  [View Video]

The title seemed controlling to me but I found it very stimulating with lots of thoughts ponder.

It been my belief that, after a few basic concepts, it is hard to “teach” composition. I think composition is more to be discussed in a “salon setting” with the hope to raise one’s awareness of compositional elements: line; texture; color, negative space, etc. then, just “be more mindful when photographing to hopefully feel and express”.

How This “Breakout” Session Will Work… Prior to the session:
> Watch Matt’s video 
> Write a few personal highlights for discussion, then
> Submit One Photo for viewing and sharing your compositional thoughts
.        *Click the “Send Photo” button to send your “Hi-Res JPG” file up to 1hr prior to the breakout.
…During the “Breakout”, I will moderate the group discussion and present your photos.


  1. Terry Stoa

    Testing comment to Breakout page.

    • Robert

      This response from surface

      • Terry

        Thanks a bunch.

  2. Henry Stoffel

    Testing out comments – Brady was tremendous yesterday!

    • Bob DiNatale

      I heard a good one about Brady’s prowess…

      There’s no longer talk about being on Mount Rushmore of sports greats …
      There is no comparison… he’s on his own mountain!

  3. Terry Stoa

    I keep a list of tips I’ve learned in the Forum. Not a session goes by that I don’t pick-up at least one valuable nugget.

    Most recently, I’m getting Layer Comps a go to create slide for camera club presentations. I’d never heard of them B.B. (before Bob)

    Another recent tip was that we could rename our copies that LR creates for us. No need to just accept “Copy 1” or “Copy 2”.

    • Bob DiNatale

      Thanks Terry,

      I learn every session myself!

      I think the next forum I want to talk about renaming files for cataloging and when Exporting


  4. Terry Stoa

    I’m looking forward to the Feb 9th breakout on composition.

  5. Dave D

    Awesome class. Bob showed me a bunch of things I can start using today!


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