PDI Book with 3-Hour Training

Digital Photography Book and Training


This training will cover the contents of Bob’s book
Processing The Digital Image... PLUS

3 hours of
1-on-1 online training with Bob.

   We will follow the book’s Table of Contents and discuss the important aspects of a digital processing workflow following the Digital PhotoCycleTM and the “4-Phases" of digital processing.
xxThis course will raise your awareness of tonal relationships;
global and selective adjustment; understanding terms such as “Frequency” and “Friendly Pairs” sliders; merging HDR and Panorama files; and much more.

Learn "what” tools to use and "when"!
>> Techniques are not-software-specific <<

Here is what other readers are saying:

I bought the pdf version and find it very clear as well as concise! As I went through Mr DiNatale’s procedures, and examples, the process became very enlightening of how he condensed down into a very practical series of calibration steps the ETTR procedure. Prior to his book and insights – I didn’t know that the Histogram wasn’t more than a crude guide to overexposure warnings and if followed, ensures nice LCD images and sub-optimal prints)! He explains with actual examples (the pdf images are lacking, but, his inclusion of the actual images on his website) critically shows exactly the detail and information one needs to verify that they are exposing and processing optimally.

This was the best (and probably cheapest} photography money I’ve ever spent on my personal photography improvement.

Henry S.

This book is clearly written and therefore valuable to both technical audiences and those of us, like me, who are not so technical. The significant information boils down to the fact that cameras are misleading in showing blown out areas in the display feedback. Important information for amateurs like me who thought the camera was the best guide to exposure.
Agnes M.

I was getting bad results from the RAW images I got from my DJI drone, until I read Bob’s book: I set my DJI to his recommended + 1 1/3 stop setting and now my drone pix are amazing. There is a lot to learn here.
Jonathan S.