75-minute presentation followed by…
30-minute discussion (optional) with open mics…

Anatomy of an Image & The PhotoCycleTM
Sessions Presented Live: Wednesday 7PM ET during the month of May 2020
– 4 Free Sessions from May 6th thru May 27th –
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Anatomy of an Image

In this series, Bob will use the 4-Phases workflow to process YOUR image from Camera Capture to Artistic Expression.
Before processing the image, we will discuss “the Photography”
…your camera settings at the Moment of Capture.

Real-Time Processing with Open Microphones

These Anatomy of an Image forums will advance both your
shooting techniques and improve your digital image processing.
Real-time processing of your images; open mics…a unique learning experience.

YOUR Photos

“From camera capture to expressive processing”of YOUR photos!
Send your photos, along with a few words describing your photographic intent, then watch as Bob assist you to achieve your Artist’s Vision.
…After registering, you’ll have an opportunity to send you images.

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