Photoshop Tools for Photographers

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As I state in my book, Processing the Digital Image, photographers probably only need to know about 3% of Photoshop! This personal training will address the most relevant Photoshop Tools for Photographers:
Learn the difference, and importance, of pixel layers vs. Smart Object layers; Masking; Cloning; Al Tools: Content Aware; “Select Subject”; “Liquify Face”;  (pull-down full list).
  Staying within our “photographic domain”, there is a good a possibility you will get all you need from Photoshop.  [2 -2 hr. sessions]

Fundamental Topics Covered

  • Pixel Replacement
    • Resize: Image/Canvas
    • Copy pixels to new layer
  • Layer
    • Pixel layer vs. Smart Object Layer
    • change “layer” order
    • Layer Mask
    • Layer Opacity
    • Clone new Layer Via Copy
  • Selection
  • Transform
  • Clone/Stamp tool
    • Current and Below
  • Masking

Advanced Topics Covered

  • Content Aware– Fill; Scale
  • Masking
  • Selection Tools & Refine Masks
  • Smart Object
  • Filters & Smart Filter